What is double glazing?

//What is double glazing?

What is double glazing?

Double glazing is one of the most popular insulation measures in the UK, helping to retain heat in the home and reducing energy bills by hundreds of pounds each year. Double glazing is manufactured with two panes of glass which are separated by an energy efficient gas spacer, usually Argon. As the spacer is motionless heat can’t pass through and exit the property.

And there are a number of reasons you should consider double glazing for your home, including the following excellent benefits:

  • Reduced heating bills

This is the main attraction of double glazing in the domestic market. Everyone wants to reduce their energy bills and replacement windows offer the perfect opportunity to do just that. In fact, by switching the inefficient windows in your home you can save over £200 a year on bills and this saving will increase as gas and electricity prices rise.

  • A warmer home

By replacing your windows with double glazing you’ll benefit from a warmer property. The draughts and cold spots in your home can be eliminated, providing a much more comfortable temperature.

  • Less condensation

Condensation is caused when moisture in the air settles on a cold surface. But with double glazed windows the inner pane isn’t cold; instead it’s warm in keeping with your home’s temperature. This means condensation build-up is seriously reduced. Condensation can cause damage to curtains and window frames, so eliminating this problem is often much needed.

  • Carbon emission saving

As you won’t need to rely on your boiler as much because of the improved energy efficiency, your home will be producing and emitting fewer carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon is one of the main causes of global warming problems, so by reducing the amount your home creates you’ll become more environmentally friendly.

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