The cost of double glazing

//The cost of double glazing

The cost of double glazing

Home insulation is now incredibly important because of the national increases in both gas and electricity prices. And when it comes to improving the energy efficiency of your property, there isn’t much on the market which will offer better heat loss prevention than double glazed windows.

Up to 25% of the heat you produce in the home can be lost through inefficient windows, so if you have single paned or old installations, then it’s time to seriously consider a replacement. By not doing anything you risk watching your bills continually rise and may even enter fuel poverty.

Double glazing units are formed from two panes of glass which are separated by an energy efficient gas spacer. Argon, Xenon or Krypton can be used as a motionless gas, preventing heat from escaping the home.

It’s not just the energy efficiency of double glazing that makes an investment so worthwhile either, and by replacing your windows you can benefit from enhanced security too with the latest locking mechanisms.

Double Glazing Cost

Of course, double glazing is an excellent way to cut your heating bills throughout the year. But how much will new windows set you back? Have a look at our image below to see the average price of replacing windows in your home:


Remember, the prices above are given as an estimation only and you shouldn’t take these for granted. If you’re looking for the very best double glazing prices then it’s best to compare up to four quotes from companies in your area.

The benefits of double glazing

If you’re still unsure if double glazing is right for you, then have a look at all the benefits outlined below:

  • Cheaper heating bills

Double glazing is a great way to reduce your energy bills and the installation will retain more heat in your property. As a result you won’t need to turn up the boiler thermostat to keep warm, lowering your expenditure.

  • A warmer home

Replacing your windows will instantly cut draughts and cold spots in your home with a better fit and more energy efficient units. This will keep your home warmer in those cold winter months. Double glazing helps in the summer too, preventing heat from entering the home and keeping your property cooler.

  • A secure home

With replacement windows you can boost the security of your home and the latest multipoint locking mechanisms come standard fit will most new installations. The new frames will also act as a sturdy and resistant replacement, and considering burglars target doors and windows, it’s certainly worth the investment.

  • Reduced condensation

Condensation is a common problem in homes whereby moisture in the air settles on a cold surface. It can damage curtains and frames in the home, with moisture caused by running baths or showers and even breathing. With double glazing, the inner pane of your window will remain warm because of heightened energy efficiency, preventing a build-up of condensation.

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